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Welcome to our publication ‘My Life’! Our magazine is steered and put together for and by young people, focusing on themes and issues important to them. We encourage young people to contribute through writing, photography, design and business development. Want to get involved? Email [email protected]

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By participating in the production of our lifestyle publication, you are being given the platform to talk to your peers about topics that are relevant and important to you. You may wish to drum up support for a campaign or share some of your own poetry or artwork. We currently have 15 themes, chosen by our steering group and young people: Entertainment, Gaming, Art, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, My Planet, Sexual Health, Mental Health, Physical Health & Sport, Food, My Life, Careers, LGBT, Tech, and My Money.  

Our content is always evolving so if you cannot see an area of interest straight away – don’t worry, we will be able to accommodate! We will always aim to publish your content in print but please note that your article may appear online first. 

It’s really easy to become a contributor and you have the opportunity to be involved in as much or as little as you’d like. Please get in touch if this is something that you’d like further information on! We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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What’s In The Latest Issue?

Hello and welcome to issue 47 of My Life!

This issue is particularly special for a couple of reasons but firstly because February marks our 5th Birthday! It’s hard to believe that Student Life has been around for half a decade but we’re so proud of all our achievements and accomplishments over those years. Our biggest thanks goes to you – without the input and drive from young people, we wouldn’t be as relevant or even in existence. Bring on the next 5 years (and more)!

The second reason as to why this issue is special, is because it’s my last in the role of Editor. I’ve been involved in the publication since it began, five years ago, progressing from co-editor to Editor and it’s been incredibly rewarding. I speak more on my experience in this issue but I am delighted to be handing over the role to Kay Saberton. Kay has been a dedicated co-editor for a number of years now and as I move into a different role with Student Life, it felt completely natural to pass the baton on to Kay. I’m so excited to see what this next chapter of My Life looks like and the opportunities it will give to you all.

I hope you enjoy this issue of My Life and thanks for your continued support!

Signing out for the last time as Editor,

Best wishes,

Rachel Mitchell