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Kesgrave Sixth Form’s involvement in Student Life has had a significant impact on the students who have participated in it. Sixth formers have had the opportunity to engage with many aspects of the publication of the magazine which has provided them with experiences they would otherwise not have had. From marketing, advertising, finding sponsorship, photography, writing and editing, students now have concrete evidence to put on their CVs. They have also developed their employability skills such as teamwork, communication and organisation.

However, the most significant impact of working on Student Life is what it has done to student’s self-esteem and confidence. I have seen students who started the year quiet and introverted become leaders, interviewing people, running a team and leading meetings. Students have been able to express themselves creatively; writing stunning articles and getting a readership they would not otherwise had. Students have opened up about their mental health problems and created a film that is to be rolled out to schools on mental health and well-being in order to break stigma and help others; it’s impact is immeasurable.​

Sarah Wheatley – Head of Sixth Form