Public Sector

We are proud to have won awards from public sector organisations including Suffolk County Council, East Suffolk Council and Community Action Suffolk. We are also proud to have been supported financially by these organisations and others, including Kent Count Council. We have received amazing support from district and county councillors directly and whilst there are simply too many to mention here, our heartfelt thanks go out to all of our public sector partners.

We will continue to work hard to continue to prove that the financial support is both vital and life-changing for our young people.

“I was approached by Student Life and an application was made to my ‘Locality Fund’ to assist the project financially at my local high school. It didn’t take me  long at all to understand the need and see the professionalism and dedication of the Student Life team. I granted a £3000.00 award from my budget and I am proud to be associated with the team and my local school”

Suffolk County Councillor