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Case Studies

Since working with Student Life, I have experienced nothing but positive changes. My first real contribution was having an article I wrote surrounding my experiences of mental health published, and not only did this really raise my confidence, but it also helped me really realise my potential as a young person. Since then, having made a mental health film with Student Life and having two regular monthly features in the magazine aimed to help fellow pupils with both their studying and personal life, I have felt a strong surge in my confidence and self-worth as a person.

Being able to help other people and support them in ways that other people have supported me, sharing knowledge and ideas, has really helped me grow as a person. More than this however, I have met an incredible team of people who have helped me achieve as part of our team, helping boost my social ability and communication. Overall, I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Student Life and hope to continue with my involvement for much time to come.

Kent Sixth Form graduate