Supermarket Secrets

This article explains how supermarkets cunningly trick us into buying more than we intend, and how you can avoid these deceptions to stick to your student budget.

by Carly Frances 4 years ago

Supermarkets have their secret ways of fooling us into buying certain things and going to specific aisles that we don’t need to. This definitely doesn’t help when you’re trying to save money on a student budget! These supermarkets have their tactics and a lot more time goes into it than we first think!

supermarket secrets

The layout of the store is a huge concept for each brand. They place certain aisles and products in certain places in order to catch your eye and get you buying things that you don’t need! Very cheeky! Factors that these supermarkets put into place to lure us in can be things such as; playing slow music to make you feel more relaxed and not as if you’re rushing through, putting eggs in strange places in the store to send you on an egg hunt (not the fun Easter kind!), putting healthier foods such as fruit and veg near the front of the store so that you don’t feel as guilty putting chocolate and sweets in your basket later on, and even stacking more ‘expensive’ items at eye level and the cheaper alternatives on the bottom shelves!

One sneaky thing that these superstores can be especially bad at is keeping outdated promotions still on the shelves. BBC did an investigation into Tesco for this and found that 33 out of 50 stores that they visited had been overcharging them for their purchases! This is just to draw you into a product you don’t necessarily need but have picked up because it’s on offer, as most of us will just buy it anyway once we’re at the till!

All these deceptions are in-store however similar deceptions can be made online! Supermarkets will deliberately put up sidebars to bring up similar items to the ones in your basket to try and get you to part with more cash! Unfortunately for me this tends to work!

Sticking to a student budget whilst shopping in supermarkets can be tricky when they’re putting all of these secret barriers in the way. Reading into these and becoming more informative of their tricks can help you to save money and not end up with tons of food you don’t need!