Self Care | Colouring

This article discusses how being creative and practising self-expression can aid relaxation, with a particular focus on the benefits of colouring.

by RachelGilbey 4 years ago

Being creative and practicing self-expression is a great way to unwind and relax. One activity which has grown in popularity is colouring. Adult colouring books come in all different sizes, patterns and themes, and they make a great gift too. You don’t need to be naturally arty to relax by colouring and it also boasts great benefits. According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is a mental health profession in which the process of making and creating artwork is used to “explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behaviour and addictions, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem.” It has been said that colouring calms the part of the brain that is related to the fear/stress response and stimulates the parts of the brain that relate to creativity and logic. It sounds like there are a huge amount of benefits from investing in a colouring book and pens, that surely, is worth a go? There are many retail shops both on the high street and online that stock colouring books. You’ll be able to find TV and film themed books such as Harry Potter or Rick and Morty, to books which are full of patterns and shapes. There is such a range, that it is likely you’ll find something that suits your taste. Don’t feel like this is an activity to undertake alone either- group colouring sessions can be just as relaxing. If you have children, maybe this is an activity to engage in with all the family!