Road Safety

This article discusses Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service’s new road-safety package #ItCanWait, which is attempting to facilitate a mature discussion with young people around driver mobile phone distraction.

by Carly Frances

2018 has seen the launch of our brand-new road safety package, referred to as #ItCanWait. Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) are delivering #ItCanWait to groups on request, across the county- to young people predominantly aged between 15-18 years old.

Our rationale for focusing on young people is statistical data, which confirmed that:

• 16-24-year-old drivers are the highest age group involved in road traffic collisions in Suffolk

• In 2016, 519 young drivers were involved in collisions on Suffolk roads (Suffolk Roadsafe, 2017)

When delivering #ItCanWait, our aim is not to lecture young people. We know that any person, at any age can be involved in a road traffic collision. Instead, our aim is to facilitate a mature discussion with young people around driver mobile phone distraction with the overarching message being, that friends must look out for one another as well as their family on the roads.

Unlike previous road safety packages, SFRS are looking at road safety from a new perspective, acknowledging the responsibility of a passenger, from the moment they step inside of a vehicle. We discuss how to be a good passenger, and most importantly, how to avoid being another distraction for the driver. As a result, those benefiting from our package is not restricted to car drivers, as we also cover passenger etiquette.

We currently have two versions of the #ItCanWait package. The standard version lasts approximately 1.15 minutes, and the extended version lasts approximately 2 hours and incorporates the use of our virtual reality headsets.

You might see us around the county in schools, colleges, sixth forms and more! If you would like to book an #ItCanWait session, please contact Fire Business Support on: 01473 260588

We hope to hear from you soon.

Suffolk Roadsafe. (2017) Suffolk Road Casualty Report 2012-2016.