Managing Your Stress Levels

This article explains the importance in knowing how to manage our stress levels and discusses multiple techniques that can offer relief in stressful times.

by LeanneArnold 4 years ago

Being aware of your stress levels is important when managing all aspects of life; studies, relationships, work, childcare. It is often that we can neglect this though, whether we realise it or not. A key factor in managing our stress effectively is knowing ways to do so. There are lots of resources out there that can offer support to help you to develop ways and means of keeping stress levels at a controllable level. If you’re a frequent reader of our magazine you will have seen our “self-care” feature where our writer Rachel highlights different activities that you can do which can offer relief from stressful times. Here are a few other ideas that you may find useful: 

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Deep breathing 

Take some time to focus on your breathing, the here and now. Focus on the breaths in and breaths out. This technique is great for grounding ourselves and helps us to focus on ourselves.

Deep muscle relaxation 

This can often give us time and space to fully relax, both mentally and physically. It is so important to remember to take time for yourself. It is easy to forget about ourselves when we are feeling stressed.


Find somewhere quiet and meditate. Meditation allows us to focus on what is important. Meditation can help with putting ourselves into a place where we feel calm and safe, away from worries and fears.


Exercising has been proven to be really beneficial for stress relief. When we exercise our brain releases ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitters known as endorphins which helps boost our mood. You also benefit from becoming physically healthier which can help with self-confidence and self-esteem.


Many people find music to be therapeutic. Music can be a great distraction for us when we are feeling overwhelmed.


Some people find planning their day/weeks a great way to combat worry and stress. Heard of people making lists? This is a common coping mechanism for people who are feeling out of control, it can help to visualise and sort through upcoming tasks and/or deadlines.