How To Stay Healthy On A Budget

This article discusses how the general high price of fruit and vegetables shouldn’t stop you eating a healthy diet, and offers tips and advice on how to eat healthily on a budget.

by RosieMay 4 years ago

Entering student life and cooking your own meals can be a shock to the system. University life is a whole different world, and sometimes staying healthy can be the last thing on your mind! However, there are many ways you can stay healthy and sneak healthy ingredients into your meals whilst not breaking the bank.

student healthy eating budget

I’ve always been a big lover of vegetables, weirdly especially all green coloured ones! However when I started to become a proper adult and make my own meals, it made me realise how expensive healthy ingredients can be! Some are on the cheaper side, but once you start adding it all up for a recipe it seems so much cheaper and easier to get a pizza or ready meal. 

A huge thing that has helped me is looking at recipes. They show you exactly what you need and some even add it up for you according to your chosen supermarket! 

We’ve decided to create this section in Student Life, as it can unite us foodies and find out yummy recipes and tips and tricks! Each month we will be bringing you recipes that are super yummy but will stick to the student budget. You can send in your photos to [email protected] if you recreate any recipes and you could be in the chance of being featured on the bottom of these pages! 

I’ve picked this particular recipe this month because I absolutely love sweet potatoes! They’re a great way for swapping out normal potatoes as they’re healthier but you’re still getting that carbohydrate intake. The beef adds a bit of protein without costing a bomb and it looks super tasty! This is such a quick and easy meal to make, as sticking a potato in the oven doesn’t take much effort if you’re not up for being in the kitchen for ages! The recipe also sneaks in some vegetables which is equally as great. Even if you’re a beginner in the kitchen, this recipe will be perfect for you! From the Tesco Groceries website, this meal only costs £4.43, and that’ll give you plenty of leftovers! 

Cheap, quick and still delicious!