Drugstore Makeup Favourites

This article talks about some great drugstore makeup products that are high quality but low cost.

by Carly Frances 4 years ago

I love doing my makeup, it just makes me feel more me. Once I have my face on I feel like I can take on the world. I’ve found that high quality makeup that stays on all day and isn’t a ridiculous price is hard to come by. Luckily, in the last few years I have found some wonderful drugstore makeup that really does the trick. Here are my top three!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 

Makeup Revolution has become increasingly popular in the last year or so, it is honestly such a good bargain! Their simple eyeshadow palettes are only £4, and you can get so much wear out of them. I bought my first Revolution palette a few years ago and I’ve only just had to replace it. These palettes seem to be dupes of the Urban Decay palettes, which go on the sale for £39+. The colours of these palettes are wonderful, a beautiful Smokey eye can be created easily. These palettes can be found in Superdrug stores or online, so definitely go grab yourself one!

Primark False Eyelashes

For many people like myself, having short eyelashes isn’t great. And sometimes a mascara just won’t do so we turn to false eyelashes. Recently, Primark makeup range has become increasingly popular. Primark lashes range from £1-£3 per pair and these are amazing! With these lashes, you can at least get a fair few wears out of them and they are such good quality. Although a very low price, these don’t feel tacky or cheap. And they make your eyes pop, so what more could you ask for? 

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

Now I know I’ve already mentioned Makeup Revolution, but I couldn’t not mention the concealer this brand has recently released. This concealer is on sale for only £4 and comes in 18 different shades. I’ve always had trouble with dark circles under my eyes, but this concealer literally saved me. It has a brilliant consistency as it isn’t too thick, but you get a good amount in the bottle. Finding the right shade concealer is a problem we all face, but with 18 different shades you’re bound to find the right one. These concealer’s can also be used as contour, all you need to do is a buy a darker shade.