Czech In To Bohemia

This article explains why Prague is a must see city. It discusses the many sights you need to visit from the oldest European University to the iconic ‘Dancing House’, as well as the great food you can expect.

by Carly Frances 4 years ago

There aren’t many places you can visit in the world where you can combine luxury, penthouse-style living, and stepping out into a cobbled street dating back to the 9th century. Prague is one such place. 

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When I first visited this beautiful destination back in 2014, I knew that a long weekend wasn’t enough to satisfy my desire to explore the cobbles and town squares littering the medieval city. So, when the opportunity arose for me to return, I knew exactly what my plan would be: a whole week, in an AirBnB. I scoured the property listings for weeks, until I found the perfect apartment – right in the city centre, modern, cosy, and with Netflix available (hey, I was living there for a week, I wanted to maintain my home routine…). The best part? Prague is astonishingly cheap, so the entire week cost less than a term’s worth of textbooks.  

Having a proper ‘home’ as a base instead of a hotel was so refreshing; we woke up and had breakfast at our leisure (pastries galore – the local Tesco has a bakery section to rival Greggs!) wandered out of our door and straight into Wenceslas Square – named after Saint Wenceslaus, the patron saint of Bohemia, and the subject of the popular Christmas carol – and explored the vast city at our leisure. Each day brings a new itinerary: with so many sights to see; including the oldest European University, the architecturally fascinating Charles Bridge, and the iconic ‘Dancing House’; you’ll never have a day of wondering ‘what to do?’

Czech food is as much of a draw to Prague as its history. Expect warming, hearty comfort food in the form of goulash, dumplings, and deep-fried cheese…a local delicacy! Pork knuckle/knee also features heavily on local menus, but bring your appetite: this feast is often served for two people (which I took as a challenge…and won) and can lead to serious meat sweats! Once you’ve sampled enough savoury to satisfy your tastebuds, on practically every street corner you’ll find the delicious trdelník; a sweet dough cooked on a spit, sprinkled in sugar, with a variety of fillings (my favourite? Obviously Nutella.) 

One thing is for sure; once you’ve fallen in love with this incredible city, you’ll be planning your return before you’ve left Vaclav Airport!