Budget Bites

This article offers tips and advice on how to eat healthily on a budget, and features an example of how to do a healthy weekly shop for under £20.

by BenStewart 4 years ago

If you think healthy eating is expensive, then for the most part you’re right!  There are however ways to make healthy eating affordable if you’re on a budget.  The problem with healthy eating is that it requires more effort than just grabbing things on the go and most people don’t make time for this, but if you want to take your health seriously so you get the most out of life, it’s worth investing the time in to your food.

porridge, honey, week under £20, student 

Start by buying your ingredients in bulk rather than picking up one meal on the go, as you go.  Things like oats and brown rice aren’t that expensive and one bag could last you 1-2 weeks depending on how much and how often you eat them.

Next, you need to prepare in advance.  Most people eat unhealthy food because they’re in a rush or can’t be bothered to cook, but if the food is already there ready to eat or be heated up then you have no excuses!  Even if you prepare the longest/hardest part of the meal and cook off some pasta when you’re ready to eat it you’re still saving yourself time and money.

If you have the storage space, you can also start cooking in batches.  When you prepare a meal don’t just cook for that one meal, make a big batch of the food and then you have 3-4 meals done for you when you want them.

1 week under £20

These are pretty basic ideas which can help, but what healthy food is affordable?  Here is a week’s worth of food shopping for less than £20*, along with what you can do with the ingredients for an average day of meals:


  • Oats £0.75
  • Honey £0.99
  • Tap Water £0.00


  • Brown Rice £1.50
  • Frozen Mixed Veg £1.10
  • Eggs £1.95
  • Soy Sauce £0.65


  • Bananas £0.90
  • Apples £0.98
  • Oranges £1.30


  • Frozen Salmon £5.00
  • Frozen Sweet Potato £2.30
  • Frozen Broccoli £1.00
  • Frozen Carrots £1.00


*£19.42, source: Tesco.com 12/03/18