Pink Tones For Spring Time

This article informs us on how we can update our everyday makeup look for spring with more colourful looks and blushed cheeks.

by Carly Frances 4 years ago

Winter is slowly becoming distant and Spring is upon us, so changing up your makeup routine and products can tie in with the seasons! The dark red and plum lips and smoky eyes are now about to be switched up for pink lips and colourful eyes!

spring beauty, pinks

Throughout Winter, I like to stick to darker colours for the darker weather. Wearing red and plum lipsticks and playing around with smoky eyes is complemented by the darker weather to bring out the depths of the makeup and face. Darker and chiselled contour is brought to life by the glum weather, creating new contours in the face. 

Entering Spring means putting these skills away and bringing in new techniques to welcome in the new weather. For me, Spring means colourful looks and blushed cheeks. I like to use pinks and oranges on the eyes, whilst using light pinks and nudes on the lips. I’m not a huge wearer of blush on a day-to-day basis, but I feel that it brings a nice amount of colour to the face as the sun is starting to make an appearance again. 

One of my favourite eyeshadow palettes to use on my eyes for these types of looks is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. Although I don’t find the Naked Palette collection very pigmented, the colours in this palette just scream ‘Spring’ to me. It has a range of mattes and shimmers, and starts at white working its way down to a shimmery black. It has a gorgeous selection of pinks and mauves and is great for creating the perfect pink look. This palette can be bought in Debenhams for £39.50, however they tend to be on offer quite a lot and Makeup Revolution do some very good dupes if you’re wanting to save some pennies!

A palette that I like to use for my cheeks and my eyes is the Sleek Blush By Three palette in the style Lace. I’ve had this palette for YEARS and unfortunately one of my colours has completely fallen out! Nevertheless, this palette is three vibrant blush shades and the pigment is stunning. Because the colours are so vibrant, I’ll use a very tiny amount on the apples of my cheeks to add some colour to my face, then will use the colours on my eyes. This way I’m getting total use out of the palette but also it complements my face if the colours are matching. This palette is £7.99 in Superdrug and worth every penny as it is so versatile. 

For highlight I will stick to the pink theme also. I’m usually not a big fan of pink-toned highlighters, however in the Spring it blends in with the blush effortlessly to give a glow-from-within. One of my favourites is the MUA Undress Your Skin in the shade Pink Shimmer. Not only is the pattern of this highlighter SO cute, but the shade of baby pink is beautiful. It has just the right amount of shimmer in it to not look too ‘in your face’, but blend in smoothly to your blush to add some shine. This highlighter is very affordable at £3 and they have a range of colours that are equally as lush!

For the lips, I use a range of light and dark pink shades. I’ll often move over to some nude shades also, but as the rest of my face is pink I may as well match up! One of my favourite shades is the Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade KoKo K. As annoying as it is that it is Kylie Cosmetics, it is a beautiful shade. The reason I’m saying that is because it is so difficult to access her products from the UK! Shipping charges, shipping times and then a surprise customs charge that costs almost as much as the product itself just makes it not worth the hassle! However I love this lip shade and the candy smell of the formula is so nice! A cheap and accessible alternative to this shade is the Primark ‘Get Lippy’ lip kit in the shade Pink Lemonade. I did a ‘Testing Primark Makeup’ video on my YouTube channel and I was so shocked by the results! This was the lip kit I used in the video and it’s still one of my favourites. The colour is identical to the Kylie one and I’d even say the formula is better! They even included the candy scent! Another alternative I love is the NYX Lip Cream in the shade San Paulo. This is a little darker, but equally as smooth and beautiful. 

Changing your makeup style from Winter to Spring can be very fun and simple. Brands will start bringing out new products to link in with the season and everyone will start looking colourful and pretty! I sure can’t wait for the sun to make its appearance again.