Activists, Confidence, Happiness & Veganism

This article looks at the often negative portrayal of activists, challenging this idea and suggesting that having a cause you are passionate about and are dedicated to can be a great thing.

by Carly Frances 4 years ago


A lot of us have negative stereotypes towards activists. We see them as angry, rioting mobs with very sketchy policies, or just down-right annoying; bombarding you with their ethics and morals. However, it wasn’t until I joined an activist group in society that I realised the implications it has for your self-confidence and happiness.

Having something to feel passionate about and dedicate yourself to is fantastic. It helps build a sense of who you are and what you believe in.  It can help with your self-confidence when it comes to educating others on your choices, and most importantly, it can have some huge effects on making the world a better place and that can make you feel a sense of worth!

For me, it was veganism. For nearly two years, I have been fully vegan; both in terms of my diet and lifestyle. What began as an adoration and compassion for animals, soon turned into what was also a quest to reduce waste, save the planet and improve my health. However, this is something often met with a lot of criticism, and many people are cynical of the vegan lifestyle. No animal tested products, no honey, no wool, no visiting zoos….even some of my fellow vegans see me as taking it to the extreme. I’m a member of PETA and have even delivered an assembly on veganism! Whilst at first I answered people’s questions and critique with hesitation during the first few months, having something I am passionate about and dedicated too, has really boosted my confidence and self-love; as I know I am doing the right thing in not advocating the suffering of animals.

Dedicating and changing your life to do some good can be so fundamental to happiness, and this could be for anything! All of us have our own opinions on certain aspects of life, and so why not turn it into a passionate hobby. It doesn’t have to stop there either. By becoming part of an activist community, you will learn so much, and constantly expand your knowledge, self-confidence and happiness.