Great Makeup Begins with Great Skincare

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body and it is vital that we look after it properly. Makeup is a very good way of hiding certain flaws on our skin, for example spots and blemishes. However, it is definitely better to target the problem right at the root. If we… Read more »

by Carly Frances 4 years ago

Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body and it is vital that we look after it properly. Makeup is a very good way of hiding certain flaws on our skin, for example spots and blemishes. However, it is definitely better to target the problem right at the root. If we target skincare, then it will make our makeup look even more flawless! I am allergic to Lanolin which is an ingredient used in a lot of skincare products and soaps, meaning I have to be even more careful when finding the right products for me!

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I suffer from the odd spot and blemish, however I have been through stages of bad acne. Certain skincare products helped me to battle the blemishes, but also how frequently I was using these products was equally as important. Ideally, we should be giving our face the skincare pampering it deserves every morning and night (before you apply your makeup and after you take it off). Even if you’re not a wearer of makeup, this is still as important as these are the times your skin can be most oily or dry depending on your skin type. I know it’s very easy to be busy and end up not having time, but waking up an extra 15 minutes earlier or making sure you remember to do your skincare in the evening can have huge advantages over a long period of time!


After I wake up, I always wash my face with some form of face wash. I suffer from an oily T-Zone so waking up in the mornings is when it’s at its worst! I wash my face using the Simple Foam Cleanser because I love how it feels on my skin and it battles my oiliness perfectly. I will then move onto my morning skincare routine, before going ahead with makeup. I start off by using some Eye Masks. Mine are from a company called Grace and Stella and they are gold which is SO cute. They are an American company, however you can get some products on Amazon. I use these just after I wash my face so that they are going onto fresh skin. These Eye Masks help to tackle my puffiness and dullness under my eyes due to just waking up (especially if it is before 8am!). These really help to hydrate my under-eye area too. I love them! They have to stay on for 20 minutes so, whilst I wait, I apply the Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum. It has naturally active ingredients so it’s really great for your skin and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in. I apply this before my moisturiser, as I find this way works really well for my skin. The moisturiser I use is the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream. This product is a little pricey at £42, however it makes my skin feel super smooth! After all of this I will then take off the Eye Masks, massage the remainder of the solution into my skin and then apply my makeup! 


I use a lot more products during my evening routine purely because I want to ensure all of the dirt and makeup is completely out of my pores. This is one of the main reasons people get spots and blemishes, so it is really important if you want to eliminate those skin problems! 

I start off by taking my makeup off using some Micellar Wipes from Primark. You can get two packs for £1 and they work really well! I have very sensitive skin, so I tend to react badly to a lot of brands of makeup wipes, however I have never had an issue with Primark ones! I then use the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Liz Earle is one of my favourite brands of skincare! The products are amazing and even though it is a little more pricey, they do gift sets full of different products at very reasonable prices! The Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of their most popular products, and I use it after my wipes to ensure my face is fully cleansed and free of dirt! I massage this into my skin and wipe off with the warm cloth. I then use a Liz Earle mask. It depends on how my skin has been that day as to which one I use, but I am no stranger to multi-masking! I often use the brightening mask under my eyes and then the deep cleansing mask all over my face. I leave this on for 15-20 minutes and usually pluck my eyebrows while I’m bored and waiting! If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Garnier Sheet Masks are incredible for moisture. They are around £3 and you get one mask in there. They make your skin feel brand new! I then exfoliate the mask off using a sponge and apply some of the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic. You can apply any tonic, but it really helps to lock the moisture into place and smooth out your skin texture. Finally, if my skin is playing up I will apply some night cream to sleep in, in order to battle any skin problems. I love using the Simple Night Cream, as it has green tea infused in it which is really good for your skin. 

I switch up my routines from time to time to ensure my skin isn’t getting too used to the products, otherwise they will stop having the same effect. There are cheap alternatives to any high end products; Boots and Superdrug will always have a huge selection to choose from! One top tip is to look at the ingredients of products you’re buying. See what good ingredients it has to ensure you’re not being ripped off. Always avoid products with alcohol in as this is really bad for your skin, and read the descriptions to see if it will be the right product for your skin type! Always massage right into the skin and do it as frequently as you can, otherwise it won’t have a huge effect! A perfect canvas means a perfect painting!

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